We never envisioned this story to be ours. Our story was suppose to be the fairy tale where high school sweethearts got married, lived in a country home with four kids, and made a comfortable living. The fairy tale got shaken up a bit, okay a ton. Michael had secrets he was hiding from the world, from Bryana, and ultimately it led to the undoing of an image we tried desperately to keep. It led to humiliation, a place of brokenness, a place ready to accept grace, real, tangible, life-giving grace. Our marriage was hanging by a thin piece of thread that by all standards should have given way. But God, in His uniquely miraculous way of doing things, began to reconcile us, first to himself, and then to each other. This is our journey. We don’t like sharing our mess, but we know others can be encouraged through God’s grace in our marriage. We hope and pray for reconciliation in your life, in your marriage, and in your relationships. Our marriage is far from perfect, but we are learning to allow others in on our weaknesses and learning to depend on our loving Father.2015-12-19 03.29.18