Desperate for…

“The Lord upholds all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down. The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season. You open your hand; you satisfy the desire of every living thing. The Lord is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His works. The Lord is near to all who call on Him in truth. He fulfills the desire of those who fear Him; He also hears their cry and saves them.”

-Psalm 145:114-19

 Those beautiful words David wrote thousands of years ago still capture the very workings of our every day life. I wonder sometimes though if here in America we just don’t recognize how desperate we are for the Father. We understand that we “need” Him desperately to be “saved,” but I believe we may be missing the larger point if that is the place where our desperation stops. “But I am desperate!” you say. Yet when is the last time you’ve fallen on your knees begging for Him to come through? Too often we take away the opportunity to be desperate. We try to make enough money to not be desperate. We drive nice cars, have a comfy place to live. Think of every area of your life and try to find one spot where you are being stretched and needy for our Father. One area where you wake up and have to dig in the Word or talk to Jesus because He’s the only one who truly knows you. We typically wait for tragedy to strike before we practice this, but we don’t have to. How do we make desperation a way of life?

I think we first have to be bowed down before Him. If we do not come into His presence humbly, we will always come with our own agenda. This posture makes way for what is to follow, which is receiving our fill when He chooses. The waiting process refines character, builds maturity. We admit our hunger. Sometimes we don’t even realize we are hungry, but we can discern this by recognizing our feelings and behaviors. Turning to porn means we are hungry for something. Turning to food (hungry in two ways), social media, work, and image management are all ways we show we are hungry. We know this because that is often our means to be filled (or rather try to be filled). We can also recognize our hunger by our daily emotions. Constant disappointment, anxiety, sadness, anger, these all reveal a need. Why are you angry? Why are you anxious? Pin-point that and you can spot your need. We recognize our need not with the mindset of entitlement, that it must be met. But simply to bring this need to the Father, the fountain of living water. We open ourselves to receiving what God has specifically to meet our need, to the very core. Think about it, He knows us to levels no one does, not even ourselves. He knows what we need to satisfy when we feel lonely and need attention. He knows how to satisfy when we feel unappreciated and need affirmation, or unworthy and we need to know how loved and valuable we are. He satisfies the depths of our soul.

Choose to be desperate on our Father. Be a foster parent. Adopt. Tell your spouse the truth about who you really are. Spend way below your means or give way more than you should. Serve the poor. Go and radically comfort someone that is hurting. Engage in their mess. I feel I could go on and on. The point is, choose to be needy on Jesus. We don’t just need Him for salvation, Jesus tells us we are to feed on Him daily. He is the living water that we don’t just drink of once and be done. No, maybe just as literal water makes up a large portion of our body yet we need it daily to live, so we are already filled with Jesus as believers yet we need Him every moment for survival, now and eternally.